Votes being counted for Herts police czar election

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Votes are currently being counted following yesterday’s Herts Police and Crime Commissioner election.

Counting is taking place in Ware, and early figures suggest that the overall turnout for the county was just 14.5 per cent.

Only 15,091 people turned out to vote in Dacorum - 13.74 per cent of the population.

There are four candidates vying for the position in Herts – David Lloyd is flying the flag for the Conservatives, while Sherma Batson is Labour’s choice and Dacorum’s Christopher Townsend stands for the Liberal Democrats. A late entry into the line-up was UK Independence Party representative Marion Mason.

The newly-elected commissioner will oversee how crime is tackled in Hertfordshire – replacing the Hertfordshire Police Authority.

Their aim will be to cut crime in the borough and to ensure the police force is working effectively.

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