Vandal puts unwelcome graffiti stamp on village

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A MYSTERY graffiti artist is making his mark on a village.

Police have been unable to track down the vandal who has defaced flats off High Street and other spots in Kings Langley with his signature tag of the letters CDI.

The offender has even created a Facebook page under the name Cdi Kings Langley.

On the social networking site he has listed himself as a Kings Langley resident who is originally from Hemel Hempstead.

Under ‘activities’ he lists drawing, tagging and graffiti.

Parish councillor for the village Gerry Angiolini said the problem has been going on for months but has got worse recently.

“The borough council has been removing the graffiti but it is a never ending job because as fast as they remove it he puts some more up. The police haven’t been able to detect him,” he said.

“I suppose he thinks it is clever but it is costing a fortune to remove and it is unacceptable.”

It costs the taxpayer up to £30 for each hour that Dacorum Borough Council’s clean up crews spend removing graffiti.

Cllr Angiolini said the problem got worse after the village recently found itself without a dedicated beat bobbie. Herts Constabulary is going through the process to fill the vacant PCSO post.

Police spokesman Sarah Spence said: “The neighbourhood team are aware of these issues and are carrying out investigations to trace the person responsible.

“This continuing work includes looking at Facebook and working with local schools and officers are appealing to anyone with information about this graffiti to contact them.

“Graffiti can have a detrimental affect on the visual environment and we want to reassure residents that we do take incidents of this nature very seriously and will deal with offenders robustly.”