Thieves target cat flaps to steal cars

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BURGLARS have been targeting pet-owners’ cat flaps to try and steal cars

An occupant at Park Road in Tring woke before 6am last Wednesday morning to the sound of a car alarm.

Thieves are believed to have opened a side gate and then used barbecue tongs through the cat flat to pull down the door handle of a UPVC door.

Stolen keys were also left in the ignition of a BMW on a driveway at Tree Hanger Close, Tring, just before 1am on Thursday, after thieves were disturbed and left behind stolen Vodka.

They are believed to have entered using rear garden gates, before again targeting a cat flap.

Herts Police spokesman Olivia Finucane said: “When they do the cat flap it is usually for high-value vehicles.

“That has been the trend in the past.”

Crimes can be reported to the police on non-emergency number 101.