Rapid response concern over station move

A GROUP that campaigns for positive changes in Berkhamsted will keep a close watch on plans to move the town’s police station.

At its meeting last Wednesday, Berkhamsted Citizens Association discussed proposals for officers to move into the nearby High Street Civic Centre under cost cutting moves.

Speaking afterwards chair Susan Johnson said it was not an entirely unwelcome move provided policing levels are maintained.

However she added: “The association is concerned that the move could mean the removal of a rapid response unit from Berkhamsted as the access to the Civic Centre car park through Clarence Road would make it difficult, indeed hazardous, for cars to exit at speed.

“The association will watch with interest what is proposed for the current police station site. Whatever use is put forward, the association thinks a civic or community use should be priority.”

Herts Police Authority has already decided to shut six other police bases across the county as it attempts to tackle a £36million funding gap over the next four years. A final decision on Berkhamsted police station has not yet been made.