Police campaign to make nightlife safer for drinkers

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A CAMPAIGN has been launched to urge Christmas pub and club-goers to drink responsibly over the festive season.

Police are encouraging revellers to be aware of alcohol consumption and personal safety, after the operation launched this week.

The campaign drives people to consider how much alcohol affects their decisions and causes their behaviour to change.

Det Sup Jon Chapman, from the County Community Safety Unit, said: “We want people to enjoy the party season, but we want them to do so safely and with care.

“Don’t make this the Christmas you wake up the morning after in a police cell, a strange bed or a hospital ward because things have got out of control.

“Excessive alcohol can lead people to be in vulnerable situations which they would never consider when sober.

“We want to highlight steps we can all take, like ensuring we have a safe way to get home, sticking with friends when on a night out and not drinking to excess.”