‘Don’t point the finger at us over pet poison’

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A couple have denied claims that they are cat killers after the RSPCA and police visited their home to quiz them about a spate of pet poisonings.

The news comes as a second animal-lover spoke out of her anger at suspected anti-freeze attacks in Chaucer Close and Westfield Road, Berkhamsted, first reported in last week’s Gazette.

Police and the RSPCA are investigating, but Linda and Dave Mackrill claim they have been wrongly accused.

Mr Mackrill, 67, said he loves animals.

He said: “People who do harm animals want their blinking heads cut off, because there’s no need for it.”

He said cats were like companions for the elderly.

Berkhamsted Sgt Peter Huffer said: “Inquiries are on-going in the area by my officers from the Safer Neighbourhood Team.

“As part of these inquiries a number of people have been spoken with.”

Police spokesman Sarah Spence said: “We would never accuse anybody of a crime, because if we truly did believe they were a suspect in a crime, we would arrest them.”

Cara Clarke, 26, of Chaucer Close, Berkhamsted, says the deaths of six-year-old Troy, one-year-old Tigger and five-year-old Slash felt like having part of her heart had been ‘ripped away’.

She said: “I find it horrendous how anyone could go round and be so malicious. They were like my children.”

Cara said of her cats, Troy was killed in October, followed by Tigger and Slash in February.

She was looking after Slash – named after the former Guns N’ Roses singer – for her brother Daryl, 23, after his landlord told him his pet could not live with him.

Cara said: “Every time I go to Tesco, I still look straight down the cat food aisle even though I do not have to buy it any more, because they are not there to feed.

“It’s so hard. It’s just wrong.”