Don’t be tempted to swap points, warn police, as Hemel Hempstead driver escapes jail

Police have issued a stern reminder to any motorists tempted to ‘swop’ driving licence points that they risk their freedom.

Top Tory politician Chris Huhne resigned in disgrace when he was found to have persuaded his wife to say she had been driving when his car was clocked for speeding, and both eventually ended up behind bars.

Police and prosecutors have stressed that although the offence may seen trivial to some it is considered to be perjury – which usually carries automatic jail time.

This week’s warning came after Hemel Hempstead driver Abigale Bvoro, 37, claimed a family member from Zimbabwe had been at the wheel when her car was clocked for speeding in Stevenage.

Bvoro, of Great Palmers, later admitted that she had been lying.

Magistrates who heard the case sentenced her to four months in prison, suspended for six months, after she admitted perjury and speeding

Investigating officer PC Bill Owens said: “Drivers who think they can get away with speeding offences by lying should know that doing this is a criminal offence will be investigated by police.

“Bvoro now has a criminal record to show for her unwise actions.”