Dog owners warned to be on the look-out for two cars after multiple dog thefts

Dog-owners warned: "Thieves may be after your pet"
Dog-owners warned: "Thieves may be after your pet"

Dog owners are being warned to take great care of their pets after many of them were snatched by thieves in different parts of Hertfordshire.

In each of the cases, two vehicles have been spotted: a silver Peugeot with the registration number FX57 WGC, and a white VW Polo.

Herts Watch Liaison Officer Jenny Morris, from Neighbourhood Watch, said: “Could you please be alert while out and about, and take extra care with your dog?

“Make sure that they are properly secure when at home or on secure leads when out on your walks.

“Please contact the police directly by ringing 101 if you see the said vehicles in your vicinity. Thank you.”

The message was put out to the public just days after an RSPCA raid on a site in White House Farm, Hemel Hempstead Road, Redbourn

Animal welfare officers had to take 40 dogs, three horses and a cat into their care during the course of the two-day swoop last week.

On veterinary advice, seven horses and a goat were destroyed at the scene and three dogs had to be put to sleep by a vet after being removed.