Code will stop your valuables being stolen

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HERTS police are holding a two-day property-marking event to deter potential thieves from stealing.

Police will be outside of Berkhamsted’s Sportspace in Lagley Meadow, Douglas Gardens, between 3pm and 6pm on Saturday and 10am and 2pm on Sunday. They will put a special coding on any items you take there during those times.

The code will mean if those items ever get stolen, police will be able to trace them straight back to you.

PCSO Katie Braham said: “If anyone has any bikes, mobile phones, mp3 players or other valuables they would like registered, please come along.

“It’s quick and easy to do, and could help your property be returned to you if it gets lost or stolen.

“We can also offer advice on steps you can take to keep your property secure over the summer.”

The event is part of a county-wide security campaign led by the county crime prevention team of Herts police.

Strategic crime prevention officer David Mahon said: “If you have access to the internet, you can easily register your property at home for free via

“Not only can it help people have their prized property returned to them, it serves as a deterrent to thieves who don’t want to be stopped with easily identifiable stolen valuables in their possession.”