‘Car part thieves could cost you thousands’

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POLICE are warning drivers to watch out for catalytic converter thieves after two of the car parts were stolen in less than a week.

The first reported to police was nabbed from White Hill, Berkhamsted, between 4.45am and 12midday on Thursday.

The second was taken from the Cow Roast area of London Road between Sunday, June 12, and Friday, June 17.

In the last two months, nine catalytic converter thefts have been reported to Berkhamsted police - about one per week.

They’ve been taken from Berkhamsted streets including North Bridge Road in the industrial estate, North Road, and Lower Kings Road near the train station.

PC Mark Procter added: “Catalytic convertors contain certain metals which are very valuable, but drivers can end up with a bill of thousands of pounds after they are stolen.”

Catalytic convertors, which form part of a vehicle’s exhaust system, contain platinum and palladium.

Sgt Huffer said the thieves use a tool similar to a plumber’s pipe-cutter to cut through exhaust pipes and remove the catalytic converters, causing costly damage.

If you see someone crawling under a vehicle unexpectedly, call police on 0845 3300222 and take the number plate of any vehicle connected to that person.