Anger after just four drivers get tickets for driving too fast

A SPEEDING crackdown has been launched in Tring after just a handful of motorists were caught exceeding limits during a 12-month period.

Councillors and residents fear motorists flouting speed limits along the town’s speeding hotspots have gone unpunished.

Police figures show just four drivers were issued with fixed penalty notices in Tring between April 1, 2009 and March 31, 2010.

Town councillor Nick Hollinghurst said: “Considering the level of concern about speeding on the part of myself as county councillor and the various town and parish councils in the Tring area, I am absolutely astonished to learn that only a handful of motorists have had fixed penalty notices.

“This does not agree with the impressions that the police are giving out to parish councillors and others.

“It appears the police are not listening to the concerns of local people and their representatives.”

He says the main speeding hotspots are the 30mph stretch along Icknield Way, London Road and Aylesbury Road, as well as Astrope Lane in Long Marston.

“Police have speed indicator devices at their disposal. I would like to know the figures for the use of this expensive equipment, which was paid for by the county council,” said Mr Hollinghurst.

Chapel Meadow resident Stella Robertson, whose petition against speeding in Icknield Way racked up more than 80 names during the summer, said speeding is still a problem.

“The traffic just tears down the hill. The police have put a slow sign up on the road, but it doesn’t do any good.”

New Tring sergeant Adele Hopkins, appointed last month, said speeding is a priority.

She also aims to work more closely with police officers in Berkhamsted and Thames Valley Police.

Chief Inspector for Dacorum Mike Pryce said: “We take reports of speeding in Dacorum very seriously and speeding remains one of our main priorities, particularly in Tring.

“Priorities are set by people of Tring at local meetings. We have a good track record of listening to our residents and we take action to resolve these issues.

“These figures do not show drivers stopped and advised about speed limits. It is also worth noting that drivers often slow down if they see police out working on different operations and issues.”