A tangled web of criminal activity

AN unlikely street has been branded as a crime hotspot by a new police website.

Cotterells in Hemel Hempstead is shown to be the worst place for crime in the town – matched only by the busy Marlowes shopping area.

In and around the road is shown to have had 40 crimes in December, including 24 cases of anti-social behaviour.

Also included in the breakdown is one robbery, four violent crimes and 11 other crimes, which includes criminal damage, shoplifting and drug offences.

The figures can be seen on an interactive map on www.police.uk.

Janet Clark, who lives in Park Road, adjacent to Cotterells, said: “I’m staggered by the results and I would like to know what these crimes are.

“I was watching people on TV from different places around the UK saying they couldn’t believe the results in their areas.

“I’m certainly not aware of crime happening in the area, and I think this will make people feel less safe.”

The site, launched nationally on Tuesday, is designed to be a central location for people to help find local police information easily.

It also includes an interactive map that pinpoints crimes to specific location across the UK.

And it’s not just Hemel Hempstead with a noticeable crime hotspot indicated on the map – Berkhamsted and Tring also have key areas where more crimes can be seen on the new map.

Park View Road in Berkhamsted is shown to have more instances of crime than most other locations in the town, while in Tring it is the High Street that has the most instances of crime

Police spokesman Olivia Finucane said: “The site works on the basis of listing the number of crimes or anti-social behaviour incidents against the background resident population – ie crimes per thousand population who actually live in the area. This appears to be what has happened with the figures for the Cotterells.

“The centre of Hemel Hempstead is one of the sites identified as having a high crime rate because not only is it a shopping centre, but also has a vibrant night time economy and is also a transport terminus. It does not mean that Hemel Hempstead town centre is not a safe place to visit and enjoy.”