£1,000 reward for return of stolen goods

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A WOMAN is offering £1,000 for the return of a safe full of treasured items stolen from her home.

The Robins Road householder from Hemel Hempstead says crooks got into her home at some point between 8.40pm on Friday and 12.45pm on Tuesday while she was on holiday.

They came in through her bedroom window and left with a safe full of jewellery, which had sentimental value, and nearly £4,000 in cash.

She said she will give £500 to the person who can return the jewellery to her, or £1,000 to the person who can return everything that was stolen.

She said: “I am absolutely gutted. If the burglars have got any sort of conscience, maybe they could leave the stolen goods on my doorstep.”

If you can help, call police on 101 quoting D111/5355 or for the reward, phone the victim on 07562 181 352.