Crime commissioner proposes reduction in police portion of council tax bill

Herts police and crime commissioner David Lloyd out and about with police officers.
Herts police and crime commissioner David Lloyd out and about with police officers.

In a surprise new year move, police and crime commissioner David Lloyd is proposing a reduction in the policing portion of next year’s council tax bill.

It comes at a time when many central government funded organisations are struggling to balance their books and neighbouring force Beds Police has declared a financial crisis.

But, in an open letter to the residents of Hertfordshire, Mr Lloyd says the county has a strong police budget - the result of recent announcements by the Chancellor in the Comprehensive Spending Review and the Home Office - which means the saving can be passed onto the taxpayer.

Mr Lloyd said: “Hertfordshire has an extremely high performing police service with a well-developed efficiency programme.

“The funding settlement this year is much more favourable than we had planned for, but the Home Secretary has rightly stressed that we will continue to be required to deliver our planned savings.”

He reports that collaboration with neighbouring forces had generated significant saving and improvements and says Hertfordshire Constabulary is in a ‘relatively sound financial position’ with high levels of reserves and a well-developed savings plan.

Mr Lloyd, who assured that residents will continue to receive a high level of local policing, said: “I have asked the Chief Constable to consider what scope there is for investing additional sums in tackling emerging crime threats such as cybercrime and to respond to areas that the public say are of concern.

“I believe there is also an opportunity to reduce the burden on council taxpayers at the same time as improving our policing resources.”

People are being invited to give their view by emailing before January 11.

To read Mr Lloy’s full letter click here