Could Caroline be winner of Disaster Chef contest?

Disaster Chef Caroline Moss
Disaster Chef Caroline Moss

Berkhamsted woman Caroline Moss has been chosen from hundreds of entries as one of Britain’s 15 most hopeless cooks who will take part in the Disaster Chef contest.

The music teacher and mum-of-two is responsible for salty birthday cakes, baked beans burnt to the pan, misreading a tsp (teaspoon) for a tbsp (tablespoon) of curry powder and worse.

She hopes the contest – run by Kenwood kitchen appliances makers – will teach her about cooking, so her family can trust the meals usually left to her husband.

Caroline’s journey can be followed on where visitors can watch Caroline’s cooking skills and confidence grow over the next five weeks, before she goes head to head in the Disaster Chef live final.

Here the contestants will compete for a £4,000 prize package in front of judges including former Cold Feet and Spooks star Hermione Norris.

Caroline and the 14 other shortlisted Disaster Chefs will receive a Kenwood Chef Sense food mixer, weekly ingredients and a camera to film their progress.

Video tutorials will also be posted online regularly to help the aspiring 15, and any other hopeless cooks who wish to follow their progress and learn key kitchen skills.

The winner will get prizes including a kitchen makeover from Symphony Kitchens worth £3,000, a £500 cookery course and multiple Kenwood products worth £500.