Could address be weak link in Sportspace parking fines?

Sportspace, Hemel Hempstead, parking sign.
Sportspace, Hemel Hempstead, parking sign.

A motorist caught out by a gym’s fine enforced parking regime is looking into whether his penalty invoice could be deemed void because it has the wrong address on it.

If successful Steven Hayward could pave the way for dozens of other drivers slapped with hefty fines of up to £150 at Hemel Hempstead’s Sportspace to get their cash back. Many victims have been legitimate gym users who have fallen foul of the system that requires drivers to input their registration numbers at a console point in reception.

Tickets issued by Civil Enforcement Ltd state the car park location as Park Road, when the entrance is actually off neighbouring Heath Lane.

The parking control measures were introduced earlier this year to stop commuters and town centre shoppers from clogging up the leisure centre’s parking spaces.

Steven is getting advice from POPLA - Parking on Private Lane Appeals - but the process could be slow as there is a backlog of cases.