Convicted drug-dealer masterminded £30,000 cocaine deal from prison in Hemel Hempstead

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An convicted drug-dealer masterminded a £30,000 cocaine deal from prison in Bovingdon.

Domenico Masciopinto was one of three defendents who pleaded guilty to the conspiracy to supply a Class A drug, namely cocaine, in an operation which spanned from Luton to Bedford.

Masciopinto court case

Masciopinto court case

Masciopinto, 38, who was already serving a 14-year sentence at HMP The Mount, orchestrated the deal using a mobile phone to frequently contact two associates in the outside world - Daniel Digiacomo, 27, of Farrer Street, Kempston, and Jason West, 35, of Malthouse Green, Luton.

They were all convicted at Luton Crown Court on Thursday (December 6) along with two other defendents.

The court heard how Digiacomo was arrested moments after officers witnessed the drug deal in a supermarket car park. Officers recovered nearly a kilo of high quality cocaine and £29,435 in cash from both parties involved.

West was identified as the supplier of the cocaine but evaded police capture for four months.

Detectives eventually found him living in a £99-a-night luxury serviced apartment in Milton Keynes.

Among the items found in the flat included around £5,000 in £50 notes and a diamond encrusted Rolex.

Digiacomo was a co-defendant in the investigation for which Masciopinto was sentenced to 14 years for dealing cocaine and heroin in Bedfordshire in 2012. Digiacomo had since been released on licence.

Masciopinto received a seven-year prison sentence, which will be added onto his existing sentence. West was sentenced to six years and eight months, while Digiacomo was sentenced to six years behind bars.

Kelly Imlay, 30, of Bunting Road, Luton, pleaded guilty to the conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

She received a sentence of two years, suspended for two years. She will have to complete 250 hours of community service and wear an electronic tag for 12 months.

Imlay had met with West twice in Luton on the day of the offence on September 28, 2017. West had handed her a package and the postcode for Lurke Street, Bedford, where the deal eventually took place.

Once Imlay had parked in Lurke Street, West contacted Digiacomo by phone to coordinate the transaction between him and Imlay.

Phone records also show Masciopinto continued to contact West soon after other suspects had been arrested.

Bobbie Keet, 25, of St Peters Road, Bedford, Digiacomo’s partner, was found guilty at trial of possessing criminal property and money laundering offences.

She was found by officers loading her car with expensive items from her and Digiacomo’s flat a few hours after the recovery of the cocaine and the initial arrests. She sought to remove nearly £2,500 in cash and other luxury items such as Rolexes and three pairs of Louis Vuitton shoes.

Keet received a 12-month community order and will undertake 100 hours of unpaid work.