Comedy duo get taste for Tring in latest film

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The film crew behind the latest Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Brit flick ordered crate-loads of beer from Tring Brewery during the making of the movie.

The brewery was asked to design a pump clip for fictional beer Crowning Glory, which the pair drink during apocalyptic comedy The World’s End.

The film, due out in August, is about a group of mates who get together for a pub crawl in their hometown – and end up having to save the world.

The clip bears the playing card image of a king and has a stated strength of 14.2 per cent – a nod to Simon Pegg’s birthday tomorrow, on February 14.

But Tring Brewery bosses got more than they bargained for when they found themselves sending crate after crate of free beer to the film’s crew.

Brewery marketing manager Ben Marston said: “Sometimes you look at a situation and it’s actually worth them having these things, because ultimately it’s only going to increase our brand profile.

“They took a few crates, let’s put it that way, and I am sure not all of them were used as props.

“Certainly if they were used as props and not required anymore, they would have been cracked open and drunk by now.”

The World’s End is the fourth film that Frost and Pegg have starred in, following alien comedy Paul, cop comedy Hot Fuzz and zom-rom-com Shaun of the Dead.

Tring Brewery makes 31,000 pints of beer each week, which it distributes mostly to pubs within 30 miles of its base in Dunsley Farm, London Road.

The brewery’s staple drinks are Side Pocket for a Toad and Ridgeway Bitter. It also gives regular tours, which can be booked in advance by phoning 01442 890721.

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