Cold comfort for pupils as school lays down the law

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A deputy headteacher has defended a policy that orders students to take off their winter woollies before setting foot inside the school.

Nigel Barlow from Tring School sent out a letter to clarify the rule, which if broken sees students subject to a three strike system. If teens rack up three misdemeanours they are given a one-hour after-school detention.

The uniform rule, which means students must remove coats, scarves, gloves and hats before entering school buildings, was criticised by one dad, who wishes to remain anonymous, who described it as ‘a heavy-handed approach’.

“We seem to get one draconian measure after another, this one being absolutely ridiculous,” he said.

But Mr Barlow, who sent out a letter to parents after receiving a ‘small number’ of calls, said: “It is not draconian or anything else. If a member of staff sees they’re making an effort then there is no big issue about this.”

He said students will not be punished if they are removing the garments as entering the building.