Clubs and Community: Dig deep for supermarket’s diabetes collection

Hemel Hempstead'sTesco is holding a big collection weekend for Diabetes UK. Picture: Nick Strugnell
Hemel Hempstead'sTesco is holding a big collection weekend for Diabetes UK. Picture: Nick Strugnell

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Posh Janet’s honey is one of many things on offer at Tring Farmers’ Market
In the heart of the English countryside, high on the Chilterns, surrounded by ancient trees, in a sheltered niche, receiving maximum sunshine are hives of bees working in peaceful seclusion to produce honey for you.

Mainly they have access to nectar in wild flowers, but even if browsing through my cottage garden and orchard the plants are not sprayed nor exposed to chemical fertilisers.

This produces a pure local honey which is unpasteurised, and one bath is not blended with another which reveals a variety of colours with different sets; a joy for the eye to behold with therapeutic qualities for the relief of hayfever and other allergies

You will notice in your garden or when walking through the country that bees prefer to take nectar from flat open flowers like daisies or bell shaped pendants as in foxgloves.

Both shapes facilitate the removal of nectar and pollen, this fertilising other flowers when moving from one to another. Bees take great care not to sting you (unlike wasps) as the sting is broken from their body and they will die. Try not to harass them, as the fertilisation of plants is their main occupation which is a vital part of the human food chain.

You can buy this delightful honey at Tring Farmers Market from Posh Janet every second Saturday. The next dates are June 21 and July 5 and 19.

Felden Women’s Institute enjoy a quirky tearoom visit

Our May meeting was the AGM when our President for the last year, Joan Chase, stepped down and was replaced by Sue Pesch. Jean Curl from county level took the meeting and went through our coming resolution on organ donation.

The competition was a golden memento won by Margaret Smith with a golden curl from her grandson’s first haircut over 20 years ago.

Three of us spent an evening with Wiggington’s W.I. starting with a walk amongst bluebells and cowslips on a pleasant evening followed by a delicious supper. Then a week later eight of us spent the afternoon at Sanuk, Potten End. We looked round the nursery then had tea and home made cakes in their quirky tearoom.

Our next meeting will be held on June 14 at the Social Centre for the Blind in Alston Road at 2.15pm. Visitors are welcome.

Ashridge Decorative and Fine Arts Society are already in holiday mode

A group of our members enjoyed a splendid programme of visits during our annual May time holiday away.

After nourishing breakfasts at our hotel in historic Ipswich, we set out on daily excursions, enjoying the beauty of the Essex and Suffolk countryside as we drove to visit various historic houses and churches.

There were many highlights. Beginning with a visit to the Tudor House Paycocks and to the Layer Marney Tower in Essex.

We later, accompanied by our excellent Blue Badge guide, enjoyed a bracing, sunny sail on the River Orwell and afterwards explored the delights of Constable country.

Among other memorable outings were our visits to Sutton Hoo, Aldeburgh, the 12th century Framlington Castle, Gainsborough’s House in Sudbury and finally to Ickworth House.

Already we are in planning mode for our holiday in 2015 to a venue in Europe. Find out more about ADFAS on

Get involved during Neighbourhood Watch week

Throughout next week Neighbourhood Watch are running a national campaign to encourage more people to become members, helping to create stronger, safer communities in the process. This year’s campaign concentrates on fraud and cybercrime and Neighbourhood Watch will be running a range of activities around the county to deliver crime prevention advice to help the public stay safe online and avoid fraud.

There are currently around 70,000 homes signed up to Neighbourhood Watch in Hertfordshire, and evidence suggests that crime is reduced in areas where Watch schemes operate. Scheme membership not only makes homes more secure but can also deter anti-social behaviour, reduce insurance premiums and encourage a greater community spirit amongst residents, so it makes sense to sign up and help make your community a safer place to live.

Crime Prevention and Community Safety team Inspector Paul Lawrence said: “Neighbourhood Watch is an invaluable tool for gathering intelligence, detecting crime, locating missing people and advising people on how to prevent crime. It also helps to bring communities together and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.”

Are you part of a Watch scheme on OWL? Why not recommend it to your friends and family? If you would like to find a local Watch scheme in your area or start one, please visit

For residents who are unable for whatever reason to take full part in a Watch scheme, they can still get police messages and advice via OWL – a free email service. Please visit or go to and click on the OWL logo.

Dig deep for Tesco’s big Diabetes collection

This year’s Diabetes UK Big Collection has been taking place this weekend and finishes at the end of today (Sunday).

The collection is being run at the Tesco store in Jarman Park, Hemel Hempstead. Last year volunteers raised an incredible £382,000 at their local Tesco stores nationwide.

Hemel Hempstead MP Mike Penning said: “Diabetes UK does a great job as the UK’s leading charity that cares for, supports and campaigns for people with diabetes. I urge people to give generously during their Big Collection weekend and I wish them all the best.”