Christmas campaign aims to prevent shoppers from becoming victims of cyber-crime

The broadband sage in King's Reach is set to rumble on
The broadband sage in King's Reach is set to rumble on

This festive season police have launched ‘The 12 online frauds of Christmas’ campaign in a bid to protect people from cyber crooks.

Every 24-hours - until December 15 - Herts Police is issuing a new message to raise awareness of online crime.

So far in 2014, 74 per cent of all adults nationwide have bought goods or services online, and this December around 50 per cent of UK citizens are expected to use the internet to buy more than half of their Christmas presents.

The good news is the majority of us will still have our presents delivered to our doorstep or into our email account without a hitch.

However, the sad reality is there will also be tens of thousands of people across the UK whose Christmas will be damaged, and in some cases destroyed, after finding out they have fallen foul of heartless criminals who specialise in tricking internet users with the promise of great online deals and big cash savings.

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