Chinese restaurant has improved hygiene score

Food hygiene Dragon Garden PNL-160410-163759001
Food hygiene Dragon Garden PNL-160410-163759001

A Chinese restaurant manager has paid tribute to her staff after it jumped from the lowest possible hygiene rating to a ‘satisfactory’ rating.

Dragon Garden in Marlowes was given a zero out of five rating by the Food Standards Agency in June.

But it has now been graded three out of five stars which means food hygiene is satisfactory.

Manager of the buffet-style restaurant, Ting liu said: “It’s been hard work but everything is now perfect.

“The people (hygiene inspectors) came straight around and there is now no problem.

“We cleaned the whole restaurant everywhere and all the staff are now fully trained. Some of them have got their own hygiene certificates.

“It was really sad for the staff but we all had a meeting and planned how to improve it.”

Inspectors are not required to give any notice and have the right to inspect the premises at any reasonable hour.

They check three areas: Food handling, building cleanliness and the management of food safety.

These three scores are then added together to rate standards from zero to five.

In June, Dragon Garden received two points out of a possible 15. One out of five for hygiene, one for maintenance and zero for cleanliness.

The zero rating meant they failed on all three fronts and were advised that urgent improvement was necessary.

But it has now made the improvements in food hygiene practice in the restaurant to bring each area up to three out of five.

Speaking at the time of the June inspection, a representative for the Chinese restaurant said: “I knew the main reason was two staff members left the job without any notice on June 5 so the kitchen was really short-staffed.

“We were looking for the new staff from the agency when the inspector came on June 14.”

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