Chicken vigil outside abattoir

Gaz protestors Bovingdon Hertfordshire Chicken Save
Gaz protestors Bovingdon Hertfordshire Chicken Save

Animal protection activists protested outside an abattoir to show their opposition to the ‘exploitation’ of animals.

The four-and-a-half-hour vigil by Hertfordshire Chicken Save took place outside Imran Halal on Thursday, and brought together supporters from across the UK.

Group founder Mary 
Nesbitt-Larking said the event was a success, and may have saved numerous animals.

She said: “This was our first-ever event outside an abattoir in Hemel Hempstead and it went very well.

“We spoke to passers-by, we spoke to the security guards who were very friendly, the police were present and were supportive, and we tried to be friendly and have an open dialogue with people.

“Unfortunately no 
chicken trucks came in on the day, but we don’t know if that was on account of us. We think it was because neighbours have told us that it’s normally a 24/7 operation – so that makes it a success too.”

Mary said that the group’s opposition was not solely against halal meat or even for humane treatment of animals.

Instead Hertfordshire Chicken Save is opposed to any exploitation of animals, 
including eating them or using their skin or other products.

The Save movement has numerous groups across the world, concentrating on all animals or individual

Mary added: “I think that people aren’t really aware of what goes on in abattoirs. We’re a very peaceful movement, we never get aggressive or scary and we aren’t there to threaten people doing their jobs – we’re there to bear witness.” Imran Halal was not available for comment.

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