Cheetah cubs play ball with pumpkin

Cheeta cubs at Whipsnade Zoo with pumpkins.
Cheeta cubs at Whipsnade Zoo with pumpkins.

Cheetah cubs at Whipsnade have been given a frightfully fun way to celebrate Halloween.

Keepers have given the six cubs their own pumpkins to play with.

And the five-month-old youngsters wasted no time investigating the Jack O’Lanterns.

After giving them a good growl, the little ones were spotted having a kick about with them alongside mum, Dubai.

Africa section team leader, Mark Holden, said: “As it was the first time they’d been given pumpkins to play with, we weren’t sure how they would react – they could have completely ignored them. But after cautiously circling them, they soon got into the spirit of things and had great fun playing with them and it ended up being a fantastic enrichment activity for them.”

During the half term school holidays the zoo is putting on creepy crafts and games including bat mask making, spider crafts and scare factor tests.