Charlotte goes into final 10 of styling contest

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A HAIR stylist is thrilled after she made it into the final 10 contestants in E4 TV programme Great British Hairdresser.

Charlotte Johnson, who works at The Annexx in Berkhamsted, appeared in the second episode of the show on Monday.

The show promises to lead the finalists on a dramatic, star-studded rollercoaster journey with weekly evictions from the mansion house, which the contestants live in during their time on the show.

Charlotte said getting through felt like winning.

She said: “It was so exciting and I felt like a kid going to an amazing boarding school. I was looked after so well by the TV company [Splash Media].”

But to impress judge hairdresser James Brown she had to overcome two challenges.

She said: “For me, it was crazy because I got a model with far too much hair and had to fit a wig on her.

“The second challenge he asked me to do was a Mohican hairstyle and I thought it was fantastic for me to do because I love doing Mohicans and rock-styles.”

Tune in to the E4 show again at 10pm on Monday.