Challenge Yourself: Work and pleasure combined for dedicated volunteers

Volunteers enjoy an 'away day' at Felden Lodge
Volunteers enjoy an 'away day' at Felden Lodge

Volunteer Centre Dacorum said a big ‘thank you’ to their volunteers at Felden Lodge last week.

This was the first time the centre has held this type of event which was a combination of work and pleasure.

As well as enjoying beautiful surroundings and delicious food, volunteers and staff spent time working on how to make the centre even better and planning creative ways to raise funds for the charity.

Volunteers, Graham Nixon and Kelly Linden agreed that the day was a great way to meet and mix with other volunteers they don’t usually work with and that the beautiful setting made everyone feel at ease.

Derek Peverill, who is also a volunteer, said: “It was an event that gave the volunteers a voice; a chance to speak out and be understood.

“Everyone was encouraged to join in, even those who are usually quiet.”

In fact Derek was so inspired by the day that he composed the following poem at home that evening:

Meet different people every day

Try to help them find a way

To use their time and their skills

And overcome their recent ills

For some to get confidence back

Others get lives back on track

You may ask is it for me

Visit us and you will see

There is something for everyone

And for all it should be fun

Think of what you want to do

There will be a role for you

But me, why do I like to volunteer

I’ve met some lovely people here

Monday morning now is a treat

A happy walk along the street

A real happy buzz as you enter

The friendly volunteering centre

We really are a diverse crowd

Some quiet and some loud

Each of our team is aware

That we all have a share

In a place where every day

You feel good as you walk away

Staff member Liz King summed up the day, saying: “It was awesome that our volunteers gave up their time to help make our charity even better.

“Everyone involved is passionate about what we do. We look forward to other similar events in the future.”