Cash to boost maths and literacy in schools

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Thousands of pounds are being ploughed into schools under a government scheme to help youngsters struggling with literacy and maths.

Schools in Herts have been given £478,000 under the catch-up project announced by deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, which has allocated a total of £54 million across the country.

In Hemel Hempstead, Adeyfield School is being given the largest amount, £19,000, which will help 37 pupils currently in Year 7 – nearly a third of the year group.

Headteacher Scott Martin said: “We do have a higher than national average of children that would be seen as at the lower end of the ability spectrum.”

A maximum of £500 is being given per student to help those who did not reach the expected Level 4 in either or both literacy and maths at Key Stage 2 when they finished primary school.

At Adeyfield School one-to-one reading sessions will be held and there will be small tutorial groups to target areas that pupils find difficult in maths.

But Mr Martin believes the money could be better spent in primary schools. He said: “Having more money to get students better at English and maths I can’t criticise in any way, shape or form. It is understanding that it is current Year 7 and it is not primary schools, which from my point of view it would be better suited because research shows that the earlier you do this the bigger impact it has.”

Where is the funding going?

Adeyfield: £19,000

Cavendish: £12,500

Townsend: £12,500

John F Kennedy: £12,000

Astley Cooper: £9,000

Hemel Hempstead: £7,500

The Collett School: £7,500

Bridgewater: £6,000

St Luke’s: £6,000

Thomas Coram: £4,500