Cash hand-out

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A THOUSAND pounds has been given to three good causes by a town centre supermarket.

Each month, every branch of the supermarket chain Waitrose is given £1,000 to distribute between three good causes based nearby, under its Community Matters scheme.

Each shopper is then given a green token to drop into the box of the cause they most want to back. The cash is then distributed proportionately, based on number of votes.

In May, Berkhamsted’s branch of the supermarket gave £267 to Dacorum Communities for Learning, £310 to Urban Access Youth Counselling Service and £423 to the Berkhamsted Games 2012.

Each of the area’s schools will compete as a different ‘nation’ in a mini-Olympic Games at the town’s Bridgewater Middle School on Thursday, July 5.

The day before the Berkhamsted Games, there will be a torch relay between every school in the town and surrounding villages.

In June, shoppers will have to choose between Keech Hospice, Iain Rennie Grove House Hospice Care and The Hospice of St Francis as to who deserves the most money.