Canary wings his way home thanks to the power of the press

Roller Canary.
Roller Canary.

The power of advertising has helped reunite a pensioner with his roller canary after it made a bid for freedom.

Terry Harvey, 77, of Warners End, never thought he’d see the small yellow bird again after it flew the coop but a thoughtful pet lover who took in the feathered friend placed a small ad in the HeraldExpress and its sister paper the Gazette in a bid to get him back home.

Terry said: “I think that lady is absolutely superb. She is so nice and I thought: ‘Isn’t it nice to still have people like that around.

“We would just like to thank the paper and the lady.”

Wife Valerie added: “We didn’t expect to get it back. It was so kind of her to go to all that trouble.”

The couple have an aviary at their home where they keep around 20 birds.