‘Can you help me create a sanctuary with my Hospital Bra?’

Model Tracy Kiss, left, wears the Hospital Bra with inventor Elle Terry-Dawson, right
Model Tracy Kiss, left, wears the Hospital Bra with inventor Elle Terry-Dawson, right

A young businesswoman and entrepreneur from Tring is calling on local people to help her realise her dream of providing a sanctuary for women who have undergone breast surgery.

Elle Terry-Dawson, who owns Gorgeous lingerie boutique on the town’s high street, invented post-surgery undergarment Hospital Bra and is now official supplier to the prestigious Aurora Clinic.

But she now wants to move forward with her latest venture, and is on the look out for new premises.

Elle, 26, said: “I’ve thought long and hard, and I feel that I would like to start working from hospitals or open a second shop just specialising in fitting ladies after surgery.

“The place where I am now is great, but it’s just too small.”

Currently, women can be fitted for the post-surgery bra at Gorgeous, but Elle wants to find a place from where she can specialise in wigs, nipple and eyebrow tattooing and bra-fitting all under one roof.

Elle has contacted local hospitals in the hope they may have a room she can rent, but her search has so far proved fruitless.

“It’s a very grey area, because hospitals can’t been seen to be endorsing one particular product. There are a lot of people out there who need to be reached, and who might not know I’m here.

“It’s really hard to find suitable premises. Ideally I’d want to stay fairly local, and it would need to be accessible so that ladies could get there even if they’re not feeling well.

“I want to say to women who don’t necessarily feel confident coming into a fancy lingerie boutique that it’s okay, I’m not judging anyone and I just want to help.

“If anyone has got any advice, contacts or they want to get involved in setting up with me, then I would be very happy for them to email me.”

Could you help? To get in touch with Elle, email her at hospitalbra@hotmail.co.uk.