Call for more to be done to shift the snow

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A FORMER councillor has called for more action to be taken to clear roads in Tring, after he was left stranded in his home.

Ken Day, 89, of Abstacle Hill, off Miswell Lane, was annoyed that snow was not cleared from his road, leaving him and his disabled wife unable to travel to shops.

He said: “In the old days when we had local government, the local council were responsible for side roads and the county were responsible for main roads. It was as simple as that. Now I am pushed as to what they do.

“What do we pay our rates for? They have done virtually nothing in Tring.”

Mr Day, who was a Tring Urban District councillor in the 1960s, called for snow ploughs to be used.

Herts County Council spokesman Pam Meade said: “Abstacle Hill is a small road in the middle of Tring and it is unlikely we would be able to use a snowplough.

“It is a secondary route and while we would like to salt them, in the current phase of cold weather we are unable to do so because our priority is keeping the main routes clear and flowing.”

She said side roads are often too small for gritters and vehicles do not pass frequently enough to make salt effective.