Call for more support for the Tringe Festival

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The organiser of the Tringe Festival says the take-up of a new scheme to promote the event in Berkhamsted has been slow.

Ben Moorhouse has 14 life-size cardboard cartoon stand-up images of comedy stars due to perform in the festival and is looking for homes for the innovative placards with personality.

He expressed his frustration the lack of interest on Twitter, and is planning to contact businesses directly to encourage them to take part in the the publicity push.

The placards are already a familiar sight around Tring as the annual comedy festival approaches. Ben said: “Berkhamsted is a much bigger town and maybe it is slightly more commuter-y because of the train station in the town centre. There are more people in Tring who have lived there and grown up there. Berkhamsted has a lot more people who have moved there because of it’s train links, which does not create engagement.”

His June 30 to July 20 festival has attracted top names like Stewart Lee, Russell Kane and Ed Byrne to Tring’s Court Theatre.

Of the 5,500 tickets he expects to sell to it, only 20 per cent will go to people who live in Tring.

He said it is easier to get firms involved in Tring as he lives there and support for the Tringe has been growing slowly since his Twitter post.

The Tringe is set up through Mr Moorland’s Get Stuffed Comedy Club, which has been trying to grow in Berkhamsted with the recent establishment of Berkomedy.

Berkomedy – which he hopes to make an annual festival – was held for the first time this year in March.

To display a Tringe stand-up, visit and fill out the ‘contact us’ form in the ‘about’ section.