Photographer aims to ‘tune into’ the feelings of clients

Cynthia Nolan
Cynthia Nolan
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AN AWARD-WINNING photographer is launching a new studio using a distinct psychological approach with results, she claims, that give greater insight into the genuine character of her clients.

Shoot Me Studios is set to launch on July 2 in Claridge Court, Lower Kings Road, Berkhamsted, the brainchild of Cynthia Nolan, 37, who holds a masters degree in psychology.

Drawing from her psychology training Cynthia, from Northchurch, uses a ‘non-directive, non-intrusive’ approach to her clients, focusing instead on ‘tuning into’ their feelings.

Cynthia said: “A natural role for a photographer behind the lens is one of power and dominance, often with the result that the person in front of the camera is naturally subjugated and submissive and is happy to be told what to do.

“But to me, that’s never going to make a real photo, one that’s going to be treasured for ever.

“Rather than directing people to stand or sit in a particular place or do something different with their hands, my aim is to draw out the inner person by helping them express different emotions through their body language.

“I use my camera like a psychologist’s couch. I set the scene and my clients unfold.

“The process is as much about the experience as it is about the physical picture. It’s about the person rather than the photo.

“Lots of people have said it’s a very therapeutic experience.”

Shoot Me Studios is the realisation of a dream for mum-of-two Cynthia, who for the last two years has run the successful Cheeky Chops Photos, a mobile business specialising in baby, toddler and family photography.

She will be partnered by studio manager Lee Gardener-Morris and this brand new venture will offer an edgier, more sophisticated range of services, with the focus on boudoir, lifestyle, fashion, portraiture and families.

‘Movie-moment’ recreations will be a feature as will 15 minutes of fame-style photo-shoot videos aimed at the YouTube culture, with the emphasis on high quality, transparent pricing and specialist local artisan suppliers.

Cynthia says: “Professional photography shouldn’t be a once-in-a-lifetime event, but something you can afford to revisit with or without a special occasion – we just need to make the time to fit it into our busy lives.”

For more information call Shoot Me Studios on 07740 283853 or email