Hertfordshire hosts crowdfunding first

Julie Meyer, CEO of Ariadne Capital
Julie Meyer, CEO of Ariadne Capital

Crowdfunding does what it says on the balance sheet... it’s where a crowd of investors rallies round to back firms with hard cash.

It’s being touted as an alternative to the banks for giving business access to the vital money they need to get going.

Now the first ever National Crowdfunding Conference is to be held in Hertfordshire, on Tuesday (Feb 26) at the University of Hertfordshire’s Business School, in the Fielder Centre, Hatfield.

Called Deep Impact it will feature entrepreneurs and angel investors who will share experiences and thoughts on the future of crowdfunding in the UK. It will feature Julie Meyer of Adriadne Capital

The University of Hertfordshire formed a partnership with Barry James’ Social Foundation to bring the conference to the business school.

Julie Newlan, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise) of University of Hertfordshire said: “Crowdfunding has huge potential to help transform the UK at a time when entrepreneurs and businesses need all the help they can get to regenerate the economy.”

Amanda Boyle, co-founder of Bloom VC (Venture Catalyst), said: “It can help more entrepreneurs at an earlier stage than has been possible before and we’re excited to be part of a movement with such great potential to build a new economy, bringing new hope and supporting entrepreneurs tasked with making this happen.”

More details visit CrowdfundingDeepImpact.org