Help to get on the road for work

James Blakey and Scoots L2O project manager Ricky Moore
James Blakey and Scoots L2O project manager Ricky Moore

A project aimed at getting people on their bike and into work or education is off the ground after its December launch.

Scoots L20 is a ‘Wheels2Work’ project run by the Community Development Agency for Herts and funded by Herts County Council. It serves those living or working within Hemel Hempstead, St Albans and Watford.

The initiative aims to provide those without a means of transport with a scooter on a loan-to-own basis, meaning that after a year of weekly payments, the vehicle belongs to them.

Project Manager Ricky Moore said: “This is a long-term, sustainable transport system enabling people to have a mode of transport they can access 24 hours a day.

“There is often no public transport at the times people need to get to and from work.

“For some who have managed to get a job, such as shift workers, transport is still a barrier to overcome. Scoots is a solution to this issue.”

The scheme has so far got 10 clients on the road.

By April, it is hoped at least 30 people will be benefitting from Scoots and more than 160 in total over three years.

James Blakey, who works for Amazon in Hemel Hempstead, says he would be unable to maintain his job had he not signed up to Scoots.

The 19-year-old said: “I was only on a temporary contract at Amazon, which I would have had to give up had I not secured any transport.

“I had to get lifts in from friends and family which was a real issue. Without this project I wouldn’t have been able to start full-time because I would not be able to get there.”

Users of the scheme pay £40 a week for a 50cc scooter or £50 a week for a 125cc scooter, which provides a total saving of around £1,000.

Full training, aftercare, safety equipment and breakdown recovery is included. Visit