“Genius idea” for super-fast Little Gaddesden broadband shot down by village chief

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VILLAGE leaders have been promised super-fast broadband – but are yet to hear how it will be funded, a meeting heard on Monday.

The government has pledged that 90 per cent of the UK will have it by 2015 – including rural Little Gaddesden, which is on the edge of the Ashridge Estate.

At at a meeting of Little Gaddesden Parish Council on Monday, Councillor David Brattle said: “My broadband is atrocious.

“It is right at the end of the line and it’s absolutely dire.”

But Councillor Omer Kutluoglu said the new super-fast broadband would not be provided by BT or Virgin.

He said Virgin had told him the cost of installing fibre optic cables for the service was too expensive.

The only other options were for the parish council to fund it themselves with a grant or get Herts County Council to pay for it, he added.

The grant route would require the parish council to raise £250,000 for fibre optic cables and tell the government how it would rent them to a private service provider.

The government would then pay half of the cost – if the parish council meets the deadline of Sunday, July 8.

Mr Kutluoglu sarcastically said this was a “genius idea”. He said: “It’s technically and practically impossible.

“The only thing we can do is to get Herts County Council to pay for it. I am going to find out what we as a community will have to do to lobby to get it.”