Full House defends ‘unhealthiest dish’

Large mixed grill from JD Wetherspoon.
Large mixed grill from JD Wetherspoon.

BOSSES of the Full House pub in Hemel Hempstead have defended its large mixed grill after it was dubbed the UK’s unhealthiest dish.

A new book claims the meal, which includes steak, chops, sausages and onion rings, contains a whopping 1,940 calories - or 97 per cent of a woman’s recommended daily intake and 77 per cent of a man’s.

It also boasts 208 per cent of the guideline daily amount of saturated fat, 168 per cent of the fat and 103 per cent of the salt recommended for an adult in one day.

JD Wetherspoon spokeman Eddie Gershon said: “Our large mixed grill is popular with customers and we serve 12,000 a week at our pubs across the UK.

“It is up to our customers themselves to choose the meals they enjoy and many choose the large mixed grill as a treat, to enjoy once in a while.

“We do not hide behind the fact that the large mixed grill is high in calories, but equally there are numerous other meals on the menu, including a number of lower fat and healthy options.”

The book, called Eat This Not That, is only available by visiting www.hearstsubs.co.uk/mh/bk79