Developers and architects can show the world how good their work is in the Chilterns area

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Home-owners, architects and developers who are proud of the work they have done in the Chilterns can enter the area’s annual Buildings Design Awards.

But they’ll have to get a move on because the closing date for entries or nominations is March 1.

The awards are offered by the Chilterns Conservation Board and The Chiltern Society, two organisations dedicated to safeguarding what’s best in the Chilterns, the countryside patch that includes parts of Hertfordshire including Tring and Berkhamsted. The groups also seek to encourage high standards for new development.

Colin White, planning officer at the Conservation Board, said: “We want to encourage better building design, and to encourage architects and developers to use traditional, local materials and designs in their work. We are not trying to turn back the clock, or to prevent progress, but we do believe that new buildings in the Chilterns should fit in with the beautiful countryside that’s around them’.

Industrial, public buildings and conversions are eligible.

Forms and details available from (01844) 355500, email: or (01494) 771250.