Could prince join battle for toilets at town’s castle?

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CAMPAIGNING pensioner John Waller has had an official response from Prince Charles about the lack of toilets at Berkhamsted Castle.

He believes if the historic site was made better for tourists, more people would visit, stay for longer and spend more.

John Waller, 67, of Cobb Road, Berkhamsted, said: “In my view, there’s nothing in the castle except a visitor centre in a little wooden hut.”

He claims English Heritage, which manages the site for owner Prince Charles, only cares about larger sites they can make more money out of.

Mr Waller wrote to the Prince of Wales to see if he could do anything, and a royal spokesman sent a reply.

The letter explained the prince was very busy, but said: “If a visit to Herts is planned, we will definitely get in touch.”

An English Heritage spokesman said there are public toilets near the castle – at the train station and in the town centre.

She said the organisation has more than 400 properties and limited funds, so spending needs to be cost-effective.

“Our free sites are not staffed and therefore as a general policy, it would be impractical to provide toilet facilities,” she said.