Borough’s boilers are getting long in the tooth

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MORE than a quarter of gas boilers in council homes in Dacorum have ‘exceeded their projected life cycle’.

Of the 9,659 boilers installed across the borough, 2,688 are at least 15 years old and a further 694 have an ‘unknown installation date’.

A report to a meeting of Dacorum Borough Council’s housing and community overview and scrutiny committee says boilers have an average life-span of 15 years.

So far this year 80 boilers have broken down and have had to be replaced as an emergency, compared with 85 for the whole of last year.

The report says: “This is quite a high number compared with last year’s total of 85 as we are only half way through the year with the winter months still to come.”

Last year a total of 349 boilers were replaced – at an average cost of £3,516 each – and this year the budget has been boosted with plans to replace around 500.

During 2010/11 a total of 14,316 repair calls were made concerning gas boilers in Dacorum, which equates to an average of 1.49 calls per property.