Anger at Asda after £109 shopping error

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It took almost a week for grocery giant Asda to act after an online delivery went wrong – and by then the food had started to smell.

The delivery reached mum-of-two Lyndsey Carder’s door in Hill Common, Bennetts End, on Wednesday last week. The driver said some unavailable items had been substituted with ‘stuff that’s the same thing’, so she accepted them.

But when she opened her shopping bags, she found things that were totally different – or missing altogether.

She rang Asda, who said to leave the items in the bags and stay in until the deliveryman returned – or lose her £109 refund. He had still not returned on Tuesday, when Lyndsey was told to just bin the items and promised she would get full refund and a £50 ‘gesture of goodwill’.

The 33-year-old said: “Things were starting to smell a bit horrible. It is the Easter holidays, we have been stuck in every day waiting for the shopping to be taken away and now I have got to wait three to five working days for the money to clear in the bank.”

Asda spokesman Bee Rycroft said home deliveries are meant to make life easier and apologised for the mistake.