Burglary fight back has a sting in its tail

Police have launched a campaign to target crooks and help people make their homes more secure as part of a national anti-burglary drive.

In Herts, the campaign will take two strands – the long-running Operation Scorpion, which aims to catch burglars and criminals committing other serious acquisitive crimes, and Operation Guardian to provide crime prevention advice to householders.

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Police forces across the country will be focusing on cutting burglary as part of the Association of Chief Police Officers-backed campaign, which starts on Monday.

While burglary has fallen in the county over most of the last decade, with 2012 having seen the lowest recorded number of offences, traditionally incidents tend to increase during the autumn months.

This is due to the shorter days making it easier for thieves to tell which homes are unoccupied, as they are often unlit when people are out in the afternoons.

Insp Paul Lawrence from the Herts Police crime reduction unit said: “We have had another very good year in respect of burglaries and other serious crime, but we are entering a period when burglary in particular tends to rise, so we are taking additional measures to help people protect their homes and deter criminals.

During the autumn and winter months officers will be visiting residential areas to give out free burglary prevention packs and home security leaflets will be handed out to commuters at bus and train stations.