Building work for flats on derelict Tring site has been given the green light

An artists' impression of the five-storey block of 34 flats due to be built on Brook Street, Tring
An artists' impression of the five-storey block of 34 flats due to be built on Brook Street, Tring

Construction work for a block of 34 flats on Brook Street in Tring is scheduled to start in February after developers confirmed that they have been given the green light to go ahead.

Spokesperson for Lillygate Developments Michael Hancock said: “All agreements have been reached with the bank and we’re now implementing all the conditions. After we’ve submitted those, we hope to be on site and starting the building work in February.”

However, those living in nearby cul-de-sac Shugars Green have previously voiced their concerns about pavement access to the site’s separate block of two-bed flats via their road – planning permission for which has expired and needs to be applied for again.

Mr Hancock said he was aware of their worries and would take them into account. He said: “I know there’s been some contention about this development, but I don’t think pavement access isn’t necessary and we could block it off if that’s what they want. I don’t see any reason why we can’t accommodate that in the new plans.”

He also wanted to quell concerns about construction traffic causing problems while the flats are being built. He said: “We want to assure residents that there won’t be any big construction vehicles going up Shugars Green. The main access will be from the main road on Brook Street.”

If all goes to plan, Lillygate will begin to improve the ground conditions once on site before erecting the steel frame to begin work on the five-storey structure – due to be finished by the end of the year.

The finished building will be no higher than adjacent flats The Steps, and the architectural design will be similar to that of Massey House next door.

The hoarding surrounding the perimeter of the site is still yet to be fixed after it fell down several weeks before Christmas. Mr Hancock said that while it wasn’t directly Lillygate’s responsibility until they have full control of the site, he had informed the correct part and it was in hand.

He said: “If nothing has been done by the end of the month, then we’ll repair the fencing ourselves.”