Bright sparks finally switch on to electric car charging

Electric car charging point.
Electric car charging point.

An electric car charging point that went untouched for almost two years has finally been put to good use.

The Maylands Business Centre charging point in Redbourn Road, which cost £7,000 to install back in August 2011, was initially ignored by green travellers – but latest figures now show that it has been used 17 times.

And four other charging points across Dacorum have also been used.

In Hemel Hempstead a point in Wood Land End car park has been used three times and energy has been withdrawn 12 times from one in Apsley’s Durrants Hill car park.

In neighbouring Berkhamsted at Canal Fields car park, green drivers have used the charging point 14 times and at Tring’s Forge car park electricity has been used 13 times.

It is estimated that around 361 miles have been covered as a result of the electricity provided through the Dacorum Borough Council network of electric car charging points. Usage is expected to rise 
as electric powered vehicles catch on.