Blue Badge clampdown in Hemel Hempstead

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Three Blue Badges that were being used incorrectly were confiscated during a clampdown.

Police and council officials checked badges in Waterhouse Street, Bank Court, Combe Street and Bridge Street in Hemel Hempstead.

More than 100 badges were checked during the crackdown on Monday.

Five drivers were slapped with fines for not parking correctly with badges and one motorist was given a prohibition order because the vehicle’s tyres and steering were in such a poor condition that it was deemed unfit to drive.

Common abuse of the badge scheme includes family or friends using the badge without the badge holder travelling in the vehicle, forged or counterfeit badges, using badges after the holder has died, overstaying the parking time allowed and displaying the badge back to front, which means traffic attendants cannot identify the serial number.

Suspected misuse of the Blue Badge can be reported to Dacorum Borough Council’s fraud hotline on 01442 228685 or at