Berkhamsted Town Council ordered to rethink parking permits plan

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SCORES of angry neighbours confronted a handful of politicians about a parking permits plan that could ‘send a thriving town into a downward spiral’.

Berkhamsted Town Council want to create two parking zones around the train station and Charles Street to create more spaces for people who live there.

At the annual town meeting of Berkhamsted Town Council on Thursday evening, the neighbours said the scheme would in fact mean fewer spaces for them.

They accused the politicians of being “rude and disrespectful” to the public and said they hadn’t researched the implications of the scheme.

Business leaders said their staff would be left with nowhere to park – pushing them out of the town, and driving it into a “downward spiral”.

Householder Joanne Whiley, of Victoria Road, Berkhamsted, said: “People are not listening to us or taking on board our comments or the level of frustration or annoyance.

“My house is going on the market tomorrow, because if you are representing Berkhamsted, I am disgusted.”

For the full round up of last night’s meeting, read next week’s Berkhamsted & Tring Gazette, out on Wednesday, April 25.