Berkhamsted to get new cycle racks – but where should they go?

There could be new cycle racks in Berkhamsted under plans now being considered.

The funding will come from Herts County Council – after Berkhamsted Town Council has suggested the best places for the cycle racks to go.

During a meeting on Monday night, town councillor Danny Bonnett suggested Lower Kings Road – where there is now no provision at all.

He added that the one outside of Bel Caffe is often oversubscribed.

But other councillors warned not to create unnecessary clutter on a High Street that is already busy during market days.

Councillor Laurence Handy said putting them in the wrong place could encourage cycling on the pavement.

Councillor Penella Warren said: “Let’s make sure we do not create extra obstacles for partially sighted and disabled people.”

A group of councillors will now meet to discuss the matter further.