Berkhamsted’s Wednesday market isn’t ‘way out of order’

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An inspection of a new Wednesday market by Berkhamsted Town Councillors has led them to conclude that it isn’t ‘way out of order’.

Their findings were announced to the group’s transport and environment committee on Monday in response to a Saturday market trader’s concerns.

Alex Bassil said the Wednesday market often had vehicles parked on footpaths, generators running, trading in out-of-bounds areas, and that it caused a nuisance to its neighbours.

He said on top of all that, it has no inspector, unlike the Saturday market.

The meeting heard that a group of councillors had inspected the market a week ago and spoken to its managers.

Councillor Ian Reay said: “We are satisfied they are making every effort to manage it properly.”

Councillor Tom Ritchie said many problems seen in its first week or two have now been rectified.

He said: “On the day we went, there was very little that we could spot that was way out of order.”

The annual meeting of the Market Fund, in charge of the town’s markets, will be held at Berkhamsted Town Hall on Thursday, November 29, at 7.30pm.