Berkhamsted parking permits a step closer due as new maps funded

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A FILM and TV actor has sided with a group of neighbours who are against a plan to paint new parking permits.

Berkhamsted Town Council has just released £4,564 for maps to be produced of what the residents-only scheme will look like if it goes ahead.

The aim of the maps is to allow townspeople to properly decide whether to vote for or against the scheme in a public consultation in September.

At a Berkhamsted Town Council meeting on Monday, Colin Garratt, of North Road, said: “I have lived in Berkhamsted for 60 years and watched the traffic getting worse and worse and the parking getting worse and worse.

“Looking at the town as a whole, we have got to increase the number of car parking spaces.”

Adrian Scarborough, who plays Pete in Gavin and Stacey, is among those displaying a ‘No Controlled Parking Zone Here’ sign the window of his Ellesmere Road home.

Speaking to the Gazette on Sunday, he said: “This town was not designed for everybody to have two cars – which is sort of where we are heading.

“Something has got to be done and I am glad I do not have to be the one to sort it out.”

Neighbours in his road and nearby George Street had managed to get their streets taken out of the plan, which would have left them with less parking spaces.

The aim of the scheme – which would be introduced in two zones around Charles Street Berkhamsted Train Station – was to free up parking for townspeople.

But due to regulations, permits could only be drawn up on one side of certain roads, where cars currently park on both.

At the meeting, Keith Frost, of Chapel Street, said the town’s lack of parking is “frustrating”.

He said: “I am quite keen that we actually push forward with the consultation exercise rather than going backwards.

“I have been a resident of Berkhamsted since 2003 and parking is an issue that unfortunately has not gone away.”

David Steadman, chairman of Berkhamsted Business Leaders, said permits may push enterprise and shoppers out of the town.

He said the maps should not be drawn up until further consultation with firms and townspeople.

But the council voted for maps to be drawn up and paid for now.