Berkhamsted leaders have £10,000 to give away

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TOWN leaders have got £10,000 to give away after it was left to them in them in the will of a chemist.

Berkhamsted Town Council’s proposals are that the money be handed out to people who are going to study pharmacy or pharmacology at university or train to become pharmacy technicians.

Under plans for the Alan Dickman Fund, the cash fund text books, travel and other course-related costs for students who live or go to school in the town.

The plans will be finalised after council clerk Gary Cox has spoken to Ashlyns School and Berkhamsted School about them.

Mr Cox said: “Dickmans Chemists has been on the town’s High Street for a long, long time.

“Alan Dickman spent his life working as a chemist in the town.

“Councillors thought this a suitable use of the bequest to reflect Mr Dickman’s life and career in Berkhamsted.”

Alan Dickman died aged 92 in 2007. When he retired aged 88 in 2003, his firm was 108 years old.

It still bares his name in High Street, Berkhamsted, but is now run by different people.